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I've lived a considerable amount of time in Brussels and the correct way of cooking them indeed involves bacon, but try this recipe next time:

* Parboil the sprouts

* In a pan with just a few drops of your choice of vegetable oil, slowly cook some fat bacon until it's crunchy

* Remove the bacon

* In the hot bacon fat that's now left in your pot, stir-fry the parboiled sprouts until nearly done

* Add the bacon and some finely chopped shallots back in.

* Stir until shallots are golden

* Finish off with some ground pepper and nutmeg

* Serve with boiled potatoes

P.S. "some bacon" = at a minimum half the weight of the sprouts, at a maximum equal weight of bacon and sprouts

P.P.S. they just call them "sprouts" in Brussels and any other sprouts are called by their full name: soy bean sprouts, wheat sprouts, ...

P.P.P.S. Supposing the icon next to Sherlock Holmes is the Hercule Poirot one...

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