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Londoner who tried to blackmail Apple with 300m+ iCloud account resets was reusing stale old creds


If I was inclined to hack Apple, instead of trying to blackmail them I would set them up to be embarrassed, reset the accounts wordlessly, and then do it again, post various secrets... Etc.

All too temporarily drive down the market confidence in the company

The idea is to predictably drive their stock down, and bet against them on the stock market in conjunction, to make that money.

Then leave a trail for them to follow to re-secure their Network, bet in their favor on the stock market using the gains from the previous Gamble, when stock rises again In response to the press reports are they more secure than ever.

Rinse and repeat.

I know in stock market they tend to use other words to describe these processes but I'm not here to argue semantics. An investment it's just a gamble by another name. I identify operations Identify by functions, it makes it easier not to be tricked Into false distinguishment and ethical whitewashing through clever wording

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