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Not always the case. I'm one of 3 founders in my business for the last 6 (.. almost 7.. wow) years, that makes me a "boss".. although I don't tend to think of myself that way.

I'm also the tech guy, I single handedly done the initial setup of every single system the business uses. The advantage of being boss is... there has never been any windows in this business (all linux systems, right down to the EPOS).

As such, in this case if something goes wrong with any of these systems, I'm very much the boss you want looking at those systems.*

As for the other two founders.. absolutely not... They don't even have any SSH keys... lol.

* Thankfully I've only had one serious incident, which was when a "yum update" on RHEL7 decided to wipe out the EFI bootloader, causing the system to not come back online.. quickly fixed however.

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