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We perform regular updates direct in AD from the HR database, just the useful employee stuff like job title updates and such like. With 3,500 employees and using about 10 lines of Powershell I can update all the non-critical attributes of all employees direct from the HR DB in around 30 secs. We also automate all new AD user creations ( after a form and details are checked by a fleshy HR manager of course ), the AD user creation with basic dept relevant privs takes about 4.5 secs per user, we have around 90 dept base profiles. If new default apps get installed in the company, we just add the required AD groups to the profile listings and issue an update. We have an Ops team and I build WinForm GUIs using Powershell script, they use them to install software onto systems, things like third-party monitoring agents.

Powershell sits on top of .Net, so you have all the power from the .Net framework if you want it. I'm just a Unix systems admin and I learned C# so I could code plugin DLLs for PowerShell.

If you're not using Powershell day-to-day on Windows, then you're missing out on a huge amount of automation power! Use Powershell to save you admin time so you can spend more time learning more about Powershell!

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