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Shock Horror

A Dabbs missive from yesterday with only ten posts? Either Christmas Day television has improved to the point where it is genuinely compelling, or perhaps commentards are worried about reprisals aka downvotes, maybe from Sir Rebel himself.

I was reminded of my rebellious streak when Friends Reunited was a thing: I had an email from a classmate whose most vivid memory of me was the day when our teacher asked us to draw dinosaurs on pieces of paper handed out to us. Everyone drew big dinosaurs, filling up the sheets with images of big animals with dinosaur-type features. I incurred the wrath of the schoolmistress (Miss Giles, a formidable woman despite her diminutive stature) by drawing a tiny little dinosaur in the top corner.

I confess I'd never heard of Molesworth. We had Jennings and Darbishire books in our school library (which IMO we had the good fortune to have as our home classroom for a year or two), and they became very popular when one of my classmates narrowly escaped detention for laughing incessantly during reading periods.

Seasons Greetings everyone!

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