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Curiously enough I was reading an article in the local business press that made the same argument. They traced the shift in culture to the move of their HQ from Seattle to Chicago some 20 years ago. The change also coincided with the McDonnell Douglas acquisition which because a de-facto takeover of Boeing, an engineer driven company, by McDonnell, a company driven by the financials.

We're all nodding in agreement because this scenario isn't new and unique, I'd guess most of us work -- or have worked -- at a company that's driven by financial engineers and marketing types. They like pare down overhead (that's us) and have very optimistic ideas about how long things take to develop and test. That's why they like outsourcing so much -- the remote vendor just nods and smiles and gives them what they want (mostly) and by the time they've figured out that its not quite as rosy as it seemed they've taken the kudos for their skill at cost cutting and decamped 'to another opportunity'.

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