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UK's Virgin Media celebrates the end of 2019 with a good, old fashioned TITSUP*


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Damn, to be fair to virgin, that's okay to take down service.

I imagine London has lots of traffic going into it, that's gong to come don to a few big pipes at some level (like the actual "backbone" of the internet, I imagine if one of the bigger pipes went off, the others would get clogged, having alternate routes and having alternatives that can take the loads are different things!)

The angry tweet in the article is a bit unfair IMO - because damn look at that. This comes under "shit happens"

I should add, I am very strongly in the "small areas should be okay" camp - that is if a street loses a link, it can go via the next street's link kinda thing and the network should not fail if a few small areas have to go different routes, but if that line has even 1/8th of what could be going through it going through it (and the article says thousands) - then yeah that's shit happens not stupidity IM(H)O.

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