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Boeing, Boeing, gone! CEO Muilenburg quits 'effective immediately'


I correct myself in Russia meaning Soviet Russia/USSR.

PS: Competing in the free market has nothing to do with Communism? Just that those companies are owned by the state.

In any case you seem to be affirming my point as a counter argument.

The original comment says "greedy capitalism" is at fault.

China has *laws* that make it illegal. It isn't their economic system that created those laws.

So it has nothing to do with capitasm or communism or socialism or any economic system.

Lots of comments like the one above blame "greedy capitalism" whenever a corporation is found to be doing crap. These comments are annoying because it is just an emotional response. The real reasons turn out to be plain incompetence, to no laws that actually make such actions illegal.

This Boeing case is the fault of corrupt American politicians who do not make laws that make this illegal, and allow experimentation with people's lives.

It perhaps would be a different story today if American civilians had died. I don't think the CEO being fired would have sufficed.

PS: The white collar criminal rubuttal is a poor shot - those small business owners are hardly a comparison for the head of a $190Bn company, responsbile for a lot of tax revenue, political sponsorships and jobs in the US. Show me that sentencing in China or Russia ;) Those russian oligarchs are filthy criminals and pretty open about it.

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