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@Alberth: "It took almost 6 years to sort things out"

Odd, I remember riots. I remember my mum tearing a copper a new a-hole for pulling our car over on the A1, because the fuzz clearly thought we were flying pickets.

Meanwhile, this story has an interesting graph, showing unemployment rising in the six years after Thatcher was elected, not 'virtually full employment'

Now, on mine closures: "Between 1947 and 1994, some 950 mines were closed by UK governments. Clement Attlee’s Labour government closed 101 pits from 1947-‘51, Macmillan (Conservative) closed 246 pits from 1957-‘63, Wilson (Labour) closed 253 in his two terms in office between 1964-1977 and Heath (Conservative) closed 26 between 1970-’74, Thatcher (Conservative) closed 115 between 1979-'90.[24]" (

Add those up, and that gives the Conservative Governments a small lead in pit closures, not the 'three times' claim, unless you are being disingenuous and only counting Thatcher as PM, but combining the closures under all LABOUR (sic) PMs.

I think your rose tinted spectacles are obfuscating the historical facts of the age.

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