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The rise is fine, it's the fall that worries me.

I develop a lot of sites for academic projects - typically funded for a few years, and typically delivers a nice website and database at the end, along with various books and conference proceedings.

I'm currently going through some older sites (10yrs+ in some cases) and updating them from PHP5.x to PHP7.x, losing PEAR, tightening security and various other little tweaks. Hopefully they should then run for another 10 years without major work. After that, who knows.

My worry with flavour-of-the-month framework in JS, PHP or whatever is that it may suddenly become unsupported and even stop working in 2,3,5 years. Not a major problem for large corporate-owned sites that have the resources to redevelop, but tricky for academics with no funding!

So I think I'll stick to fairly plain vanilla stuff, even if it does take a little longer.

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