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Re: JavaScript is "overly complex".

(did you actually PROMOTE jquery???)

I had to take over the 'web stuff' on an embedded project, and the "developer" slapped 3rd party "strap-ons" together to create the UI, which I then ended up hacking and heavily modifying to make it work.

And throughout the code I've marked it up "TODO: un-jquery this" and similar. *I* *HATE* *JQUERY* - it is the *WORST* example of *WHY* *YOU* *DO* *NOT* *WANT* *SUCH* *THINGS* !!!

It is *THE* PRIMARY example of why you do not want such "frameworks" at ALL.

[learn to use DOM, and you will not NEED such things - W3Schools web site and others will help you. Search engines are your friend. I use them a LOT]

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