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One prick away

Back in the early '90s I used to mix in the higher echelons of society (using nearly all my IT pay packet to go to the 'right' events) My email address book contained royals, most other heraldic levels and MPs amongst others. Then a virus got past my defences and spread to my contacts.

Que a visit from, and lengthy conversation, with Special Branch (it was the fact that the virus had got past the Parliamentary fire walls that really got their goat!) and no further invitations to any society events. (I was told a number of years later by a local Earl that all the recipients were told by SB to sever all ties with me, which was a little harsh!)

It meant that I got back to being more 'normal', but I do miss those people. At least they were not the 'Z' list, vacuous, reality TV celebrities that dominate "Hello" magazine and tabloids these days.

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