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"As a long time web-dev working with .NET"

For that, you have my pity.

Question: why does anybody NEED "a framework"?

Javascript (in a web page) really has only ONE purpose: to perform minor UI tasks that would respond poorly if done by the server. On the server side, *USE* *A* *REAL* *LANGUAGE* !!!

If you code your web pages PROPERLY with CSS [not those 10Gb monolithic do-it-all style sheets, but one carefully tailored to your UI] you need very LITTLE, if ANY, javascript in them. I try to avoid it whenever possible, even in an embedded system using chrome in kiosk mode...

If you must script, there are BETTER ways to do it. PHP. Shell. Perl. Python. No "frameworks" needed aside from the built-in features and installible modules (unless you're a glutton for punishment by 3rd party bloatware).

Anyway, I'm sure that the JS fans will hate me for saying this, heh.

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