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I suspect Mark Dempster might be on the left of the Labour party - and so is of the opinion that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were actually Conservatives - despite the policies their government enacted.

Somebody on this thread (I think) made a similar comment about Alan Johnson, who was one of the people a few years ago trying to get the "Blue Labour" movement going - which was trying to suggest to the party that if they went too left (either economically or socially) then they risked losing their Northern heartlands - which were more working class than the party activists, more socially conservative and more likely to want more spending on healthcare and schools rather than more nationalisations.

I rather feel that this election has proven him right. But that's no reason not to call him red Tory scum anyway...

I'm not into Labour politics enough to know where Jess Phillips stands on that spectrum. I've always rather liked the way she says what she thinks - though I'm not sure it's the right trait for a party leader. But then she might be perfectly capable of a bit of discipline if required.

I do suspect the way to go for Labour is to pick someone who can look sensible, statesmanlike and considered in comparison to Boris Johnson's shoot from the hip style. It needs to be someone with a few more brain cells than Corbyn, capable of making an argument and some message discipline. In fact discipline full-stop. Agreeing policy with the shadow cabinet and party, and not then changing it on the hoof to what you preferred all along - remember the Trident subs with no missiles followed by the I'd never use them anyway stuff after Corbyn had lost to the membership and unions?

Also someone who can talk about the problems of Britain and how to solve them without telling us we live in a dystopian hellhole and that anyone who even vaguely disagrees with them is basically evil, stupid or both. And can make their supporters stop doing it too. This can quickly make Labour look much more electable and, to be frank, normal. And being grown-up about politics will I suspect make Johnson look shallow and un-serious.

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