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It's a horrible phrase because it can be read as implying that rape is fine, but she's so ugly that I wouldn't even do that. If he'd said, she's ugly and I wouldn't touch her with a baregpole that would have been pathetic but "fine". In the sense that it tells me the speaker is a fuckwit who I don't want to listen to - but the wouldn't even rape moves it from fuckwit to "OK but who would you rape then?"

To be fair, probably nobody. But it's not a good sign of the way someone's mind works. And it makes light of rape, which is a horrible crime. On the other hand, people joke about horrible crimes all the time. But this is the double-standard we hold our politicians to. The question is then where do you draw the line.

It also suggests a certain sexism, that you're rating your political opponents by how they look. As well as a huge level of crass unpleasantness.

If you want to be a poltician - try being polite and respectful to at least some degree. Call the people you don't like bastards or fuckwits and leave looks out of it.

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