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It's not about JavaScript

The thing about these 'frameworks' is that they aren't so much JavaScript frameworks as DSLs: domain-specific languages, which just happen to be implemented using this prototype language that supports only IEEE 754 32-bit floating point and ASCII strings due to legacy reasons (like being dreamed up in two days back in 1995).

Why nobody feels sad about these frameworks coming and going, and JQuery being the target of any front-end dev's jokes is that websites are pretty much disposable items. Give it two, three years tops before the next redesign and change to what's hot and new then.That's why backwards compatibility or even compatibility altogether doesn't really exist with anything JavaScript.

Want to use JS modules? Pick your poison between AMD, NodeJS or ES6 modules. Oh, and there's that requireJS thing that nobody uses any more. Unless they do. Found a nice JS library? Too bad it was written for NodeJS and doesn't work in a browser. Or vice-versa.

Having done both front-end and embedded JavaScript development (yes, it's a thing...), it's left me burned out to the point that I'll be very happy to never have to deal with it again in a professional setting. It's a very special world, but not one which I'm convinced is healthy for itself or those who venture deep into it. I'd rather deal with legacy C or FORTRAN code bases than ever touch a commercial JS project again.

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