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No sympathy for any developers that were relying on Google - that's weapons grade idiocy.
The thing with a lot of Android (and I assume IOS) apps is that they're often relatively small because they're written around common libraries/OS APIs etc. They write to a published standard, use expected storage folders (like placing a new spreadsheet under "C:\users\username\My Documents" or /home/username/Documents) - a lot of that sort of work is done for them.

Also, I recall with Android that a lot of the file system access is removed except for certain areas though I could be remembering the wrong bit of marketting guff.

My reading is that Google suddenly removed "/home/' and expected everyone to use "/slurp/" instead, without really telling anyone in advance.

I can have sympathy for coders who use the expected locations and are shat on by the OS writers, even though given experiences with MS and I believe Apple (apols if wrong) perhaps they should've been wary.

Google is the most at fault for not migrating data though. Google have also done some other interesting things in recent times, like mandating that WiFi signal strength apps also have GPS data turned on. Why should the app I use to tell me which WiFi channel is least congested in a given area need to know the GPS location?

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