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Well, it it works as well as it does with Mac and iPhone:

1) You can start a call from within an email on your desktop.

2) You can start a call from an entry in your contacts list (yes, you may already have them all on your phone).

3) You can use one headset for Skype, WebEx, phone, when you want hands-free.

4) You can pickup from whichever of your devices you are using when the call comes in - no more missing calls because you got to the phone too late.

As for heating, that's great when you work away a lot and put it into "frost protection" when you leave - it can take many hours to get the place warm, so much nicer to be able to switch it on some hours before you get there (it's not always possible to use a timer, as return time may not be known in advance). Maybe not so much help when you have a family, as I find they complain about the cold.

I can see controlled lights being useful for disabled people, but not for me - it's not that far to go to reach the switch!

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