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Microsoft enables phone calls from your Windows PC (as long as it's paired with an Android)

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<Why do I want to make calls from my PC when I have a phone?>

Because MS are proabaly bringing out a new device in the near future and they are preparing to bait you in.

<Why do I want to turn on my heating before I'm home when I have a pullover?>

Because you took your wife's pullover by mistake and she left yours at work.

Why do I want to switch on the bathroom light when I'm in the kitchen?

When you are finished baking those nice hot cookies, you can take then directly from the oven, still on that very hot plate which requires 2 hands and oven gloves, straight into the bathroom without having to fiddle with the light switch. And please don't try and fool us into believing that you don't eat cookies whilst having a bath and reading El Reg..

Next question!

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