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Microsoft's Teams goes to bat for the other team with preview on Linux

oiseau Silver badge

DDs digging their own grave.

... the first Microsoft 365 app to hit the Linux desktop world ...

Hell will freeze many, many times over before I let any of that 365 crap near my Linux box.

This is not good and will bring nothing but grief and sorrow to Linux.

It's not good for Linux desktop users, it's not good for the Linux ecosystem, it's not good for anything Linux.


Anyone who has been in IT for the last 25 years or so knows perfectly well what the MSbrace can and will do unless you keep a safe distance.

But everyone is just so delighted these days, some sort of collective amnesia seems to have set in among the IT community.

"Looooook, Ma !!!

I can now have Office 365 in my Debian !!!

It's so cooooool ..."

When they eventually realise what is going on, it will be too late and the infection will have set in.

The dumb dickheads that cozy up to this shit are only digging their own grave.


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