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What is the business use case?

There was a program on the tellybox a couple of weeks ago where Guy Martin broke the tractor land speed record for JCB. At one point they had a meeting with an aerodynamicist from Williams - who was doing all the air-flow simulation for them (JCB not normally caring about aero on their kit). So they had a big empty meeting room and all had headsets and some sort of hand control - and the Williams guy was coming in by computer link.

In the middle of the room was an image of the tractor - and by pressing buttons you could show the computer generated airflow - then the new part (front bumper/spoiler) that had been designed and what this did to the airflow.

Obviously this was just a meeting for the purposes of the telly program - but clearly this has uses for architects and designers of all types - where you can project a 3D version of your drawings and then walk through it.

Still a niche area though. Maybe useful for general meetings, because everybody can see the whiteboard clearly? But is it really worth the effort?

Given how poor most people are at visualising what's shown on drawings I imagine it's not long before VR will be used as a sales tool by kitchen companies and the like. A lot of them already use computers to generate pretty pictures of what your kitchen will look like. I'm sure estate agents would like the tech to avoid having to do so many visits - but the tech to generate good 3d images would need to be advanced - and made simple enough for an estate agent to use in the field.

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