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I'll take your frame to another dimension, pay close attention: This AI auto-generates 3D objects from 2D snaps

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+1 for the Prodigy reference in the title.

I have a friend who is involved in custom rc car chassis, and at the moment he says he has 2 months before the clones flood out of his latest design and kill the market for his new product, and then he starts getting complaints about quality and failures only to discover its badly made (as in materials of lower grade, less precise tolerances, cheaper electronics etc) clones. He is convinced he has two months lead time because his new designs are bought by someone with the intent to copy them, and that's the time to purchase & send the item, them to send it onward to the cloners to reverse engineer and production of the clone to start and be shipped.

If this takes root properly and its reasonably accurate enough to make a passable clone, they can cut out at least 5 weeks of that lead time just by using brochure information and publicity photos of the item.

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