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Two can play that game: China orders ban on US computers and software

W. Anderson

John Oates is a little behind the curve in regard having good or factual knowledge of Chinese Software technology.

Since a significant proportion of Microsoft's Cloud solution is Linux and other Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) based - more than 68% according to public, official statements by Microsoft software executives, and most all of international banking, stock exchanges, Web/networking infrastructure, AI research, Medical research, aerospace and defense research, transportation, et al is Linux and FOSS based, the Chinese are not at any serious disadvantage.

Linux based laptop and desktop operating system (OS) technology has reached par and even gone substantially beyond Microsoft Windows 10 - to the point that Microsoft has implemented Linux subsystems and even produced the company's own Linux distribution. This is without mentioning ChromeOS that runs Chromebooks with Linux kernel that now powers more than 53% of all USA school systems and is directly available to China, as well as any other country.

Americans and their British dupes need to get a grip on reality in accepting that Western nations, particularly the USA no longer control the bulk of critical technology industries.

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