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Irreplaceable software?

The software that we run on our desktop and mobile devices has become loss leader designed to funnel us into a supplier's software ecosystem so its nothing like as essential as we'd like to believe. If you're an organization -- a government, say -- that has an interest in managing data location and security then "the cloud" has limited appeal unless you own that cloud and its associated software. So losing Android and Windows has limited impact -- its convenient if the devices come with it but not a disaster if they don't.

Naysayers who live the modern software ecosystems will be horrified by this notion but there's already a non-Google Android ecosystem out there operated by Amazon. Sure, you can side load Google services ("adware"?) on it but its not essential for the devices to work. Same with Windows. Those of us who run Linux desktops lose out on some of the visual appeal of Windows (and the excitement of never quite knowing what this week's update will bring) but for day to day use it works fine. Replacing it is inconvenient but not for a nation of 1.3 billion.

As for the hardware, I suspect that rather a lot of our current hardware exists for the sole reason that its needed to power the adware ecosystem and the appallingly inefficient software that powers the modern user experience.

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