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Here's a bit of Intel for you: Neri a day goes by that HPE doesn't feel CPU shortage pinch

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I saw this on Reddit, so the idea is not mine. But the Intel shortage has nothing to do with 10 nm. That is a lie Intel is promulgating. Prior to Ryzen, Intel was quite content on selling us 4 core chips for a large sum, 6 core for a really really large amount. But here comes Ryzen with an 8 core chip at the same price as their 4 core. Suddenly, Intel has to increase the cores. What was once an i7 is now an i3. And that mega-expensive 6 core i7, well now that is an i5. More cores means a bigger chip. Wafer space is still the same. So Intel is now having less CPU's coming off a wafer because they are bigger than they were before AMD made mega-cores cheap. Less CPU's produced means less available. Thus a shortage.

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