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Silicon Valley Scrooges sidestep debt to society through tax avoidance to the tune of $100bn

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Well, there are two things that you could do. First is that we could endlessly discuss it while paid activists confuse the issue with the public beyond any reason and suggest that these things must be done on a multinational basis while the same companies drag out any decision made on a multinational basis by every trick in the book, not excluding offering to pay more money in particular countries if they just derail/delay talks etc.

Second is that we could all just say "screw it" and just charge selected multinational companies using advanced trickery punitively on a percentage of revenue and let the companies concerned deal with the outcome. If doing so puts them out of business then too bad, i'm sure that competitors will fill their market share, hopefully having taken note that creative accountancy is no longer a good idea.

The ongoing failure to deal with these shenanigans just encourages other companies to creatively not pay any tax which is destructive to public finances and results in raised public debt and reduced public services. Enough already.

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