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EFF warns of 'one-way mirror' of web surveillance by tech giants – led by Google

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The wider scope

Almost all the comments here exclusively consider online tracking. However the report goes a lot further by examining real-world tracking as part of the picture. I've recently been involved in discussions about self sovereign identity - a nice concept whereby the individual can theoretically retain privacy by creating multiple pseudonymous digital identities that do not intersect and using them for different purposes.

This report strongly suggests that when the entire scope of tracking on- and off-line is taken into account it's almost impossible for separate identities not to intersect, as the self sovereign digital component is inevitably only a small part of the person descriptor required to perform transactions in the real world. Consequently the real solution can only be to disallow tracking that is not freely permitted tracked subject, but that's not going to happen because of vested interests and the toothlessness of legislation.

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