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> This level of tracking should simply be banned.

Yes but there is money to be made, so they will tell you that if you don't have anything to hide you have nothing to worry about. The official theory being that only criminals, terrorists and perverts fear tracking, so, if you do, you are...

Who is going to stop trackers anyway? The government(s)? Certainly not, those are just trying to get a slice of the pie, for their own reasons (better/more control over the Great Unwashed).

Last but not least, the younger generations don't really feel concerned. Give them something shiny and they will gladly tell you everything about themselves, their family and their friends. For them it's "gossip".

Add to this situation the constant breaches and the ever-increasing bulk of information which becomes public that way, and you'll have to accept the idea that there are faceless people out there you've never met, but who know you better than your spouse and your GP put together...

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