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Of course, all wise and pertinent.

However, I am for once not being Anti-American when I point out the bulk of Internet consumers customers * users are American which is where the wealth to purchase is, and most Americans, through national culture simply don't care about all this stuff -- as is shown by the recently hardening attitudes of American Media regarding the refusal of cookies, personalisation and tracking under the protection of the EU, moving to either shuttering content completely or twistedly driving the apparent choices into a finality of 'Accept All.'

And they will soon be joined by the Chinese, who are used to tracking anyway, and the Indians, who are as trusting and good-humoured as the Americans.

The Grand Trackers merely have to hold their nerve, and then they will be able to bug everyone, everywhere, every minute.



Even here, I once noticed a top City of London Fraud cop, dealing with the existential terror of online piracy rather than tracking and spying, aver the Internet was primarily there for shopping. And happy families each shopping on their own device, laughing merrily as in an advertisement.

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