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It goes both ways

I manage a small team of engineers that occasionally screw up monumentally. On one occasion £1500 of damage to a part while installing it and bending a minute copper spring plate slightly too much. They turned on the machine and there was a very worrying screeching noise as the plate scraped a perfectly straight line across the new unit turning it into scrap metal. Questions were asked later that day about why the machine was down.... Ummmm damaged in transit. Nothing more said and the engineer got away with nothing more than 'You plonker don't do it again,next time RTFM'! from me.

On the flip side I was once at a customer meeting with my boss and of all their senior staff discussing an issue with their document management system. Now I pride myself on keeping my cool and it always winds up ass hat managers.... MD of the customer point blank called me a liar. I produced paperwork supporting my position assigned off by their staff. I remained quiet and let my boss give it straight back with both barrels then we got up and left. He is not always that great but remembering it has stopped me from hanging in my notice a few times over the years.

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