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"It's not uncommon for workers at the coalface to complain about how "overpaid" those higher up the food chain are for how little they do. However, when push comes to shove they do earn it."

You must have worked at some rare places then. Or you're a Manager. In my experience, in both private and public sectors, most managers are more interested in covering their own arse and dropping their underlings into the fire when the smelly brown stuff hits the fan. There have been a few who have stood up for their staff, but they are in the minority and seem to have traded their loyalty to their underlings for any real hope of advancement - other than sideways, and preferably all the way out the door.

It seems to be part of this new tendency amongst managers to think that anyone who stays in one place too long cannot be capable of finding another job, rather than accepting that sometimes people can be happy doing the same things for years...

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