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Having been at the other side...

Think 2 weeks into a new job on a big website (I mean one of the top 10 websites in the UK) and I managed to commit to a 'frozen' branch. As in it was considered a release candidate earlier in the week but the squad forgot to tell me... Wouldn't have been an issue and would have passed unnoticed if not for an emergency patch taking a new cut of the code from the branch.

New bugs sprouted over my unfinished code, questions asked and to his credit my manager fully acknowledged the fuckup. He explained to higher ups how the issue occurred, the fix being tested and pushed out ASAP and what steps were being taken to prevent it. Never once giving my name up despite being asked, then demanded to hand over who did it.

We talked, processes got changed and improvements made to communication. 3 years and a promotion later I'm still grateful for him not tossing the FNG under the bus at the earliest opportunity as other employers had done in the past over far more minor things.

We're all human and mistakes can be made, but always remember who has your back when you're honest about your mistake.

Anon because I still hold the record for shortest time from employment to code in prod of any of our developers and I don't want to encourage competion....

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