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The senior manager wearing a mob cap and apron

This was 40 years ago when I had been with the large multinational for under 1 year. These were the days when we had a tea lady who had a tea trolley who brought you the morning gossip, a cuppa, and a biscuit.

We had all been asked to work on Saturday for the final push to get the product through the door. We were pleasantly surprised when the senior manager (responsible for 150 of us) came round with the tea trolley, wearing the statutory mob cap and floral apron to serve all tea and biscuits. He said that as he had asked us all to come in, he thought what could he do, so came round with the trolley. He went round and round the building and was one of the last people to leave. He said it was a great way of meeting the team.

Would it happen these days? - No we lost the tea trolleys 30 years ago.

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