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I admitted to a rather costly mistake that was all down to me

We had a meeting of about 40 engineers and execs as to why a certain test transistor was the wrong way round on a chip, costing some £50k to overcome and repair and in preparation for the meeting I found a slip of paper in my desk coal layer that instructed us to put all the test transistors on a set of around 12 chips in the same orientation and I'd forgotten to do this on one. About 10 minutes work for me to fix but new masks and the test procedures would be disrupted until the new devices came through production, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Sweating more than a dozen princes whipping boys as the meeting started I jumped in and fessed up and apologised and sat back waiting for my chair to tip me back into the fires of hell beneath the meeting room.




Nothing. The remaining 2 hrs of the meeting wandered aimlessly around trying to pin the blame on someone else, some procedure or something as I sat there with the loud buzzing in my ears quieting slowly until the meeting finished and I went back to my desk, added a couple of lines to my tick list, went to the CAD system and put the transistor the right way round, ran the enhanced check, ticked off the checklist and sent the tape to production and no-one ever mentioned it to me again and I never had the courage to ask why I wasn't shot.

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