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a qualified disagreement with the 'any law that uses subjective feelings', as much as I *HATE* the 'F' word "FEEL"... and here's why: If you "feel threatened", or are intimidated, or are constantly "creeped out" by someone's behavior, it can be considered a form of 'assault' [i.e. threats of harm and/or harassment].

The intent of such a law is to create a non-threatening society. And of course the details of whether any claims are valid belong to the jury and lawyers and judges involved in the cases, appellate courts, and so on. And IANAL.

So yeah I'm generally apalled by "FEELY" things, but in this case, there may be no other way to describe it as the legal statute. NOT having such a statute is probably WORSE.

(sad icon because it's a sick sad world sometimes)

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