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Perhaps its successor PPI = Producer Price Indices?

I think it'd be less confusing to consumers if it was just called 'Profit Percentage Increase'. Especially if costs are falling, but that's the joy of indexing contracts. So Ethos and/or a 10%+ allowable price increase. Make that say, 7% and say how wonderful you are by saving people 3%. Then award large pay rises and bonuses, and trebles all round!

What is pretty much a certainty is consumers won't benefit, eg the UK's glorious energy 'market', where wholesale electricy prices have fall, yet bills keep rising. Indexing supplier rates just makes that a certainty, despite the existance of things like the 'Low Carbon Contracts Company', which is meant to let consumers share the profits. Oddly, that's never happened, or likely to happen. But such is the wonderful world of rent-seeking..

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