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I'm not comparing fish to chips. I'm looking at the larger picture.

IBM has an image problem that will bite it in the ass down the line. They want younger people, I get it. Old people are harming their image.

The old IBM image of a guy wearing head to toe Marks and Spencer, cashmere jumper, white shirt and chinos, doesn't sell kit anymore. That's not what the mainstream perception of a techie is anymore.

We're not the cuddly, foppish, unassuming nerds that you'd be happy to take home to your mum anymore. We probably never have been.

We're the knackered, grumpy, scruffy, sweary people constantly raging about people clicking phishing links that your mum thinks is a waste of space.

Not only that in the last decade tech firms have gone from old and reliable to young and disruptive.

Granted, experience brings a lot of stability and reliability to a company but youth brings innovation and

Look at Tesla for example and their Cybertruck. Can I see my daft 70 year old Manc old man in one? Fuck no. He likes it and thinks it's cool..."looks like a Johnny Cab from Total Recall" he said...but he also said "I'd look a proper Charlie in that, pulling up at the pub".

Can I see myself in one? Probably not...can I see my lads in one in the future...yes, probably.

IBM is currently the firm that people my old man's age would choose...trouble is, people that age are retiring which means the people driving sales to IBM are dwindling.

Would I push sales to IBM? Maybe.

Will my kids drive sales to IBM? Without IBM gaining relevance with that generation in the They may only think of IBM in the same way we think of Sinclair, Commodore or Amstrad...vintage brands from days of yore.

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