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Windows Remote Desktop sucks for remote printing

Why would anyone use RDP for printing?

I mean, SMB sucks too - axiomatically - but it does remote printing, and has since, what, the late 1980s?1 And it's built into every version of Windows.

If you're going to do Windows-to-Windows remote printing, SMB printer sharing is by far the simplest solution.

You can also do it with non-Windows clients and servers using Samba. Of course, if you have a pure-UNIXy environment, lpd or CUPS would probably make more sense.

(Ah, lpd. I remember when that was the new kid. Hell, it wasn't even standardized until RFC 1179 in 1990!)

1That would be LAN Manager 1.x. IBM actually introduced SMB in '83, but I don't remember if it supported printer sharing for those first few years. And it turns out the oldest version of the SMB spec I have to hand is relatively recent; it's revision 6.0, from 1996.

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