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^^^ This is the key difference DoT identifes as control plane traffic at layer 3 to distinguish DoH from web traffic you have to look at layer 5 at least.

you can make port level decisions in asics, whereas you need cpu time to make application level distinction, and in delay sensitive applications that can make all the difference.

DoT allows you to prioritise DNS over general web traffic and allows you to service it on a seperate port too, this you cant do with DoH.

DoT is just as encrypted, as DoH, but quicker and less resouce intensive to implement, so it saves energy time and capability, making it better for battery life and minimisation, and better for the environment.

DoT is the logical choice, but this is being lead by browser makers, they dont see traffic till it hits layer 6 (or occasionally 5) and they dont understand what goes on between the client and the server.

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