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Mysterious IT snafu at British Airways causes bunch of inbound flight delays and cancellations

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Anonymous Coward

So long and thanks for all the free coffee ;-)

Many years back I was riding to the office, suddenly I thought "stuff this", rode past and kept going. An hour latter I was in enjoying the twisty summer roads on my motorbike with the ongoing phone vibrations being undistinguishable from the purr coming from the bikes in-line four engine. That was a good day and on reflection I made a good choice. I never did go back.

Two weeks earlier I had been told my contract at BA was to end, and could you hang around just long enough to train our new cheap labour how all the customised systems work, even if the english language was really foreign to them and their technical knowledge was sadly lacking. I'm just glad its all worked out so well for them. It was all working when I (we all) left - honest!

Now just awaiting the next excuse from the ongoing fictional saga; "Outsourcing - how to cut costs".

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