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Labels aside

That spontaneous resonance effect *is* the exact same thing as Compton effect. At perfect resonance, the electron will be motionless in the field of the light (the oscillating will be 0,1,0,1,0,1 two F1s exchanging position perfectly across the field) and and the light will be travelling at the limit of exactly one resonant wavelength per universe resonant oscillation and have zero Hz EM frequency (i.e. it will be an F oscillation in an F oscillating field). Of course that perfect resonance doesn't happen, they simply even out the two oscillations to be both closer to resonance and never reach it.

Compton effect is "spontaneous resonance" effect. Its the same effect, both the electron and light are trying to settle to the middle ground oscillation.

Do you have "*inverse* spontaneous resonance"? Where oscillating systems just decide to go out of resonance just because they do? No? So why do you label things as *inverse* Compton effect? All you've done is label something you don't understands with an *inverse* effect of one you observed. There must be some cause for it going out of resonance, it just doesn't simply decide to do it.

Synchrotron radiation... hey if this is broad spectrum emission, can you do the proof test of the speed of light? i.e. that radio waves travel faster than Xrays by a very tiny amount. You're seeing gamma rays now, but look back did you have measurements indicating radio wave burst arrive before?

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