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Offhand I can think of at least three ways to get data out without doing something silly like emailing it to yourself or slipping a thumb drive into a USB port.

1 take a picture with your cell phone.. If you have an office this can't be stopped. One of the alleged bad guys had a company laptop; take it home, take pix, take it back.

2 print it out as part of normal business. You need 20 copies of Document X? Make 21. Easily done: make a printout, then feed it to the copier and make 20 copies. You still have the original...

3 write it down. See item one above. More tedious, less likely to be detected, and you can write down just what you need. And if someone sees you... you're making notes for the Important Meeting next week. Be sure to show up for the Important Meeting, with notepaper, and make sure that everyone sees that you used the notes.

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