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This would be the same US (along with those "longing for a deal" Canada, Australia, India, China, New Zealand etc.) who are now suing us over the brexit damage we're causing them?

  • Federalisation? No - Read our current agreement.
  • Adoption of the Euro - under our current agreement we have a PERMANENT veto. We can never be made to join the Euro.. Mind you, if we leave, when we go crawling back in desperation in a few years time, it will probably be a condition of rejoining, so, it's you leavers who will get us the Euro!
  • Eu army? Cheers for mentioning that. Now I know you're either trolling or intentionally lying

As for "leave means leave", you said there were no discussions on any conditions attached to a leave vote. Those links I posted show that there is.

Sigh, there are many fact checking sites out there, and even then, it's easy to research further, and not trust them blindly, and I know you're not a moron, so why are you continuing to push daily mail/express fibbing-points that you know are untrue?

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