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@Philip Storry

I dont think I could do much better than maffski for examples. While coffee is an obvious one I was going to mention oranges and umbrellas having a telescopic shaft.

What I find interesting is the selection of countries you have chosen and how you want to compare such different countries with such different resources when their import requirements are so different. The staple diets being wildly different as is their other economic interests.

"Yes, the EU is protectionist. So are almost all countries and trading blocks in the world."

The EU is protectionist for 28 members. What that means is protectionism in favour of one member is potentially detrimental to the others. Why do we want to pay more for oranges for example because Spain lobbied to make them more expensive to import?

"So I'm unsure what the point of leaving such protections behind is."

Protections is a bad way to look at it as its a benefit for the few to the detriment of the many. You could go get your groceries from aldi, but instead you get forced to go to waitrose or harrods. Of course you could argue on quality grounds (the nose in the air response) but people are poorer because their expenses are higher. This is an interesting example because food prices are claimed to be more expensive after brexit but always with the qualifier *from the EU. Factually the costs are expected to fall.

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