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Satellite operators' shares plummet as FCC plumps for public 5G spectrum auctions

Jellied Eel Silver badge

I cannot see governments in the tropics allowing C band 5G, C band VSAT is the only satellite technology that works when it rains heavily.

It might also affect reporting/news services. I've not been keeping up with broadcast tech, but VSAT was (is?) used with small terminals for on-scene reporting. If there's a gap between spectrum seizure and 5G rollout. BGAN-style terminals I think use the L-band for their comms, but up/downlinks to earthstations use C-band because that has the capacity to support OB services, along with a lot of maritime L-band traffic.

Which I guess could be fun. Land-based services could potentially switch to 5G, but that's not going to work for maritime. And I think switching to V/W-band just makes rain fade worse.

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