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A law firm knows a great deal about assessing evidence and presenting it clearly.

I've only got part way through it but one thing's quite clear. The project was presented to TSB upper management as a migration onto a tweaked version of an existing product. In this situation the migration of the data was the riskiest part of it That's what they were actually told. The truth was that it was largely new software developed for the job and that the Spanish parent was hoping to get a new system for themselves off the back of it. It doesn't need an in-depth experience of development to see that this was a recipe for disaster and that the "riskiest" part of it went smoothly, balancing to the penny as they emphasised. You don't need to read a line of code to see all that.

As far as I've got with it I'm left wondering why the board showed such lack of inquisitiveness. Instead of being fed multi-hundred page information packs they might have learned a lot more by paying visits to the offices where the work was being done and asking people what they were actually doing.

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