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"No it was not - The referendum was not legally binding, as such Parliament is not obliged to follow it through"

But they voted to make it binding. After the result yes but in the end they backed it matching the promise made by government that it would be.

"Likewise 75% of the Leave "facts" have since been disproved"

And 93.4% of statistics are made up. Some leave claims have been disproved (and I freely admit the leave campaign was lies and bull) just as remain claims have been disproved.

"and the circumstances of our departure are not was promised"

And there was no attempt to. The choice on the paper was clear- remain, leave. If thats confusing for some then thats not my problem.

"As such, what is the problem with having a confirmation-referendum?"

How many? The most important issue of our time (so claimed) lost to leave 3-0. Referendum, general election and MEP election. Adding to the vote for the tory party offering a referendum if elected (people wanted change).

"People can bitch all they like, but the corner stone of democracy is the ability to change ones mind."

Actually no. Respecting the result is the cornerstone of democracy or there isnt one. If a vote is called and the losers refuse to yield to the result then we dont have democracy. You can have another vote afterwards but if you dont implement the results because you dont like them (aka lost) then thats not democracy.

"One of the beautiful things about democracy, is the ability to change ones mind"

3-0 to leave from the referendum to the MEP election.

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