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@Zippy´s Sausage Factory

"Two different countries. Two different legal systems."

I know. Even now. That is why the 'huge problem' isnt really as big as its made out to be. Not the reason I voted leave but I did hope that a deal could be arranged between the two sides to keep the two sides easily trading legally and efficiently. The entirety of Ireland would benefit then.

"Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Italy all made the same mistake - borrowing on the bond market to fund short-term political game."

True. But look at our labour gov, we could easily have been in such a position if we had access to abundant cheap money to bribe votes. Look at our two main parties now trying to bribe votes with more spending. The difference being that our currency moves in relation to our countries capability while the Euro doesnt work as it is. Too many business cycles at different stages. Spend thrifts and tight-wads all tied together financially. This is where I think they either need to federalise or retreat to a trading block, and I have no issues with remaining in just a trading block.

"What is Brexit if it isn't a form of isolationism, creating artificial trade barriers between the UK and its biggest trading partner?"

But is it? That depends on the actions taken. For example the EU is a huge isolationist block of high tariffs and refusal to accept outside products. Then the requirement to even just survive is achieved by trade deals which must satisfy the protectionism of 28 countries! Obviously it is possible for the UK to enact terrible policies of the same type, but that is highly moronic. It also goes against being a trading nation. So for brexit to be isolationism the UK must at least do things as badly as the EU or worse.

"Given that UK businesses already meet EU requirements, what with the UK being in the EU, moving to Ireland (that accursed freedom of movement!) means they get to stay in the EU."

Yes. They get to be stuck in a balled up economy which is failing badly (EU proper that is). Or they brass plate (which pissed off Junker who thought they would move) to meet EU isolationist requirements and keep outside as well. What is worth more? The growing world economy or the shrinking EU one?

I like your comment, you have identified and honestly stated some of the issues at play here, but I do disagree with the opinion at the end of brexit being isolationist. Remaining is isolationist, by leaving it becomes our choice.

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