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Cisco blasts sueball at 3 ex-employees it claims handed trade secrets over to same rival

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Stout Brave Hearts This Way Please.

Is it just me who gets the impression that this might have been developed, refined and turned down at Cisco? ... Doctor Syntax

Yep, ..... sure does. And it's the usual way for real spooky smarter sensitive stuff which lesser mortals be either terrified of, or fail to fully grasp the true meaning of whilst also wanting to try and ensure no one else has any knowledge of because it too readily exposes myriad opportunities which are feared uncontrollable by presently available commands ...... current control enterprises.

But hey, that's just the way all things are nowadays ....... changing and different.

the three men joined a competitor "in the IP telephony, headset, video, and collaboration space",

Another deep mind bending place then. And definitely not at all normal for the faint hearted and weak willed.

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