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Iran kills the internet for its people's own good as riots grip the Middle Eastern nation

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without belittling the protest

if the people will rise against 13 CENTS a litre, what would happen if they ever have to charge $2 a litre

the govt will crack down, 00's possibly 000's will die, yet the people WILL prevail, they are already aware of a world outside Iran, the older generation will still recall when they had basic freedoms, and WOMEN were granted full access to education / work etc, even with the Shah's use of Savak - secret police - to hold onto power, the people will also be aware of how that turned out too

the world is watching, it is a toothless beast on most occasions, but Iran DOES have OIL

and it is, therefore, a good candidate for 'liberation' ......................

we shall have to wait and see, and, sadly, the people there will, again, suffer

sometimes this world we live makes me feckin weep

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